The holding company of CHAVA Wind is CHAVA Energy LLC, an innovator in the field of future energy technology Research and Development. The efforts of our global team aim for new energy technologies, balancing today’s centralized, monopolized, and cartel-influenced energy industry with consumer-oriented market solutions.


The people of industrialized countries have recognized that harmony with nature not only means the preservation of natural resources but also the preservation of natural beauty and aesthetic dignity in our everyday environments.

HAWTs (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines) are facing a rising tide of backlash from communities that value their traditional landscapes and the sense of community aesthetics. Until now, VAWTs have been considered structurally challenging, unreliable, and of lower efficiency. However, with the latest advances in composite materials and fabrication methods, CHAVA has overcome those key challenges and achieved a highly efficient, robust design at low cost and high structural reliability. 


Air in motion is power with the potential to become green energy.

During the day, the CHAVA Wind leaf-like design will delight onlookers, as it sweeps the wind with all-but-invisible brush strokes not unlike an inkwash painting. When not in motion, the CHAVA Wind turbine design can be parked facing a predetermined direction. And at night, when lit, it can project a luminescent glow, attracting positive attention, either to its compelling design, signifying a commitment to renewable energy solutions or as a marketing tool, projecting positive attention to business locations or advertising messaging.

This combines classical advantages of VAWTs  (much lower noise and bird kill, no yaw system by taking winds from all directions, and better aesthetics) with the efficiency and reliability of common HAWT systems.

Our product was designed to enable large scale market deployment at a competitive price, and the positive integration of future landmarks into the natural or built environment. The CHAVA Wind turbine reflects peace and repose, while ensuring excellent value and durability to investors.