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Great green ROI does not require sacrificing style or making the surrounding community feel good about green energy. Combining German Engineering vision and American innovation, CHAVA literally means “earth”.  We believe wind power can be good looking.  And good for your bottom line. We deliver wind power solutions that combine graceful aesthetics and good economics for the ‘Small Wind’ VAWT segment, solutions that help our customers gain competitive advantage in harmony with their neighbors.


At CHAVA, everything starts with engineering excellence, based on our German engineering heritage. Our unique blade design is a modified NACA0018 profile that forms a tension only troposkein shape. The CHAVA design is able to output 25 KW at 11m/s wind speed and reaches 44% efficiency at peak but is also able to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 280KM/hr. Because the design is inspired by nature, it fits in in any environment (although it’s not designed for single family homes in crowded urban and suburban environments). With a height of 30 meters, including mast and turbine, and a 9 meter turbine diameter, the CHAVA wind turbine strikes an elegant pose that communicates that your firm, organization, community or family not only cares for the environment, but cares about how the environment looks. The blade design combines a highly efficient lift, designed for medium to high wind locations, and low surface resistance in destructive storms, when the turbine will automatically be locked in.


We understand that even the best looking wind-turbine and most advanced engineering has to meet an economic price-point that makes sense to our customers. Within its category, CHAVA provides a more than competitive solution, with a 44% peak efficiency, and the ability to capture wind from any direction. Not only is it possible in good wind areas for a return on investment to be achieved in as little as 6 to 8 years, but CHAVA’S solution avoids premature bearing failure by spreading both horizontal and vertical forces along the length of the axis, for lower vibration, durability, and quiet operation.  The durability of our design means that it will be offsetting power costs and producing clean green energy for many years to come. 


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