team CHAVA



CHAVA approached the challenge of designing and manufacturing a leading edge, next generation small wind turbine by putting together a world class team of scientists, engineers, manufacturing experts, and process improvement specialists – spanning several continents – and all with a single focus on revolutionizing the economics and aesthetics of wind power.

In our corporate culture we are all working together to solve the optimal design challenge for wind energy extraction, with a focus on the most efficient way to sweep the wind for power.


Our team is led by Hagen Ruff, a German engineer whose entrepreneurial experience in business information systems has given CHAVA an overall focus on being a solution that works across all components of our customer’s value chain, integrating seamlessly with our customer’s systems, staff, strategy, skills and shared values.

Our scientific research is headed by Dr. Mark Snoswell, our CTO a PhD in biotechnology whose diverse background has helped to position CHAVA as uniquely able to deliver on the potential for abundant power using solid state electromagnetic systems.