CHAVA values


Wind turbines are an investment in the future. The preservation of both planet earth’s precious natural resources and its natural beauty has become the critical success factors in the deployment of clean energy. Ultimately, clean energy is about the future livability of planet earth, and real long term solutions must solve both the energy needs and maintain the cultural values in communities of deployment. 

It’s been estimated that the wind just 30 feet above the earth supplies enough energy to meet all of humanity’s energy needs. But ugly wind turbines are creating a backlash in communities around the world. Too much potential power is lost, because communities don’t want unsightly turbines blotting their environment. 


Too many products on the small wind power market have had inferior efficiencies, short life spans or suffer from component failure, whether they be structural, alternator or electrical problems, or some combination due to manufacturing issues.

CHAVA’S is focused on helping our clients gain economic success while contributing to environmental improvement, but that starts with an improved manufacturing process. Our process improvement specialists have devised a heavy duty commercial use VAWT that can be produced through our proprietary sophisticated mass production approach, leveraging the latest advances in carbon fiber manufacturing to make a small wind solution that is commercially viable with high end product quality standards.