Have you got a site with a steady supply of wind? Then CHAVA Wind offers a genuine alternative at a competitive price point with the possibility, in good wind areas, for a return on investment (ROI) to be achieved in as little as 6-8 years. 



CHAVA’S unique solution is good for developers, rural households, off-grid households and businesses, military applications, communal utilities, Remote Cell Phone tower applications, Agriculture Businesses, or any industrial facility or community interested in off-setting power costs and promoting a green, environmentally forward thinking image.  And if you’re a Micro Grid Provider or a Regional Renewable Energy Installer, we would like to hear from you. 


For developers, CHAVA’S wind turbines provide a beautiful advertisement of the green, environmentally friendly nature of your community or office park development. With 2014 being the hottest year on record, climate change has become an issue that has hit the mainstream, and a CHAVA Wind turbine will be a visible symbol that you as a developer are providing your buyers with a cutting-edge green energy boost to your development, which makes everyone feel better about their purchase, and reinforces the idea that solving the climate change problem begins at home or at the office.


Likewise for small factories, military applications or communal utilities: a sturdy CHAVA Wind turbine {or a small fleet of them} on your facility grounds will not only off-set power needs for years to come and lower the power costs you face, but it will boost your employees and community morale. Climate change, environmental damage caused by carbon emissions, and the lingering pollution effects of fossil fuels have created a sense of urgency in many families that something needs to be done, and by visibly communicating that you are a part of the solution your organization’s sense of solidarity around its shared values will be noticeably increased.


For rural households and off-grid households and businesses as well as agriculture businesses, CHAVA represents a major step forward in small wind VAWT solutions. Now, power is accessible, no matter where you are, as long as the wind is there too, and it’s available efficiently, and with visual grace that enhances your environment. CHAVA’S turbine solutions are designed with a special focus on helping individuals, organizations, businesses and farmers who either want to or need to be off the grid.  Efficient, Safe, Environmentally Friendly and Economical.


CHAVA’S solution fits a unique need for a variety of applications, and fills a unique niche that previous atmospheric current extraction and conversion solutions were too big, too small, or too unattractive to fill. Our solution will block less sun, is visually stunning, safer for birds, and uses only 16% of the land required by HAWT wind farms, and it is ideal for net metering. Whether your goal is offsetting power needs or improving local grid reliability or empowering off grid power sites, you can install CHAVA solutions behind the meter, or connected directly to the local grid depending on your specific power needs.

Every project has a unique need, and CHAVA’S team will work with you to ensure the best solution. CHAVA’S team of engineers and our partner network align to give you leading industry solutions, from system design, permitting, activation, ongoing maintenance and remote monitoring. CHAVA Wind offers an intelligent system that’s online 24/7, and because it’s self-maintaining it empowers you to experience both independence and clean energy through self-determining maintenance cycles.