Certification Testing successfully completed!

02 April 2019

waldAs of Wednesday, March 27th 2019, Chava Wind has successfully completed all required certification testing in accordance with the international IEC 61400-2 Standards.

This is a major milestone (in fact the most critical milestone) in the completion of the overall certification process.

The test report for the Performance Test has already been issued by the accredited testing firm WindTest North America. The Duration Test and Safety & Function Test reports are currently being compiled.

Congratulations to our team of engineers who worked so diligently to get this over the finish line!






29 November 2018

Chava Wind Crowd Funding is now CLOSED.



CHAVA news . October 2018

22 November 2018

Michael is presenting Chava Wind to a delegation of energy experts and finance people from Chinese Cinda Asset Management Co., CINDA, in October 2018.

Michael October 2018 small.JPG

CHAVA news . February 2017

22 November 2018

WindExpo Tokyo 2017 Group1.jpg

Chava Wind CEO Hagen Ruff discussing the application of Small Wind Turbines in Japan with former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama.

WindExpo Tokyo 2017 Hatoyama.jpg

CHAVA news . February 2015

22 November 2018

Chava Wind exhibiting the latest Darrieus Troposkein VAWT at WindExpo in Tokyo in February 2015. US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy invited the US exhibitors to the US Embassy in Tokyo for a reception.

Caroline Kennedy - Hagen Ruff.jpg

US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy - Hagen Ruff


Caroline Kennedy - Michael Nimtsch.jpg

US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy - Michael Nimtsch