Green energy should be in context with nature’s beauty. No matter how morally good they are for the earth, unsightly wind turbines that form a blemish on the horizon evoking fear and dread are bound to create a backlash against wind power. And it’s already happening. Ugly wind power is an affront to people’s sense of right and wrong when wind turbines look bad. If residents, community members, or employees dislike the wind turbines they see, and feel unhappy that they mar the skyline, then the battle for green energy will ultimately be lost, and future generations will pay the heavy price of climate change.


CHAVA has the solution. Our 25KW Small Wind VAWT leverages our unique seamless carbon fiber process that delivers a durable and light-weight solution that maximizes our wind-sweeping capabilities to capture air currents, no matter what direction they come from, and converts them into usable energy. 


Review the details of our spec sheet to learn how we are challenging the status quo in wind energy technology through an innovative aerodynamic design with advanced mechanical and electrical engineering that extracts and converts energy from air currents for high efficiency yields.